“It’s not a short-term diet. It’s a long-term lifestyle change.”


This is actually true in a real sense because our health relies on one of the most important factors which are definitely ‘DIET’. When we are talking about Indian food it can never be complete without mentioning both Roti and Rice. If you are in a mood of dieting and you have decided to quit Rice and Roti, be careful of its consequences or after-effects. As both of these being a staple diet for most of the population, your body is habitual of consuming these and digesting them as well.

Yes, rice, as well as roti, are good sources of carbohydrates. Definitely, some would advice of cutting both of these foods to reduce weight but don’t forget that even the body requires a certain amount of carbs for activeness.

But if talking more precisely, Roti has more benefits over Rice.

Some Key Points:

  1. Though Rice gets digested more easily as compared to Roti because of its starch content. But as Roti takes more time to get digested it gives satiety or you can say a feeling of fullness for a longer time. As long as fullness persists you avoid eating again. So, it is detrimental to weight reduction as well.
  1. Rice is richer in folate as compared to Roti. But at the same time, Roti has more proteins and fibre content. Roti is a super source of mixed nutrients as it provides carbohydrates and fats at the same time.
  1. Roti is a great source of potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium which help in meeting the overall nutrient requirement of the body.
  1. If we add channa flour to multigrain flour it can prove very good for weight loss. Because channa has a lower glycaemic index, it results in more rapid burning of calories. Eating chapattis made of multigrain flour is super beneficial in weight reduction regime.
  1. If we talk about diabetic patients, they should rely on Roti and should start eating roti or Brown Rice or Dalia/broken wheat. Because for sugar patients normal rice can be glucose level enhancer.
  1. Roti can be a very good option for getting glowing skin. As roti is a good source of zinc and zinc is known to be beneficial for adding a tinge of glow and freshness to your skin.
  2. Those who suffer from constipation regularly have roti as the best solution for their constant worries. Roti being rich in fibre content makes all bowel problems settle their way without relying on any kind of medications for the same.

Some More Important Points:

  1. As mentioned, thinking that carbs are your enemies is not correct. Your body’s main source of energy is definitely the carbohydrate intake. As carbohydrates help in providing energy, storing energy and making your body feel active and energised. Stipulated amount of chapatti every day is very important for the proper functioning of the body.


  1. These days it is being heard that plastic is being given a shape and the appearance of rice as a part of profit generation for the manufacturers. So, the chances of getting in a haul of this fakeness are more as compared to eating rotis.


  1. Also, from the taste point of view, Roti stands away ahead of rice. It can be eaten with almost any delicacy and always enhances the flavour the meal served.


  1. The younger generation should avoid both rice as well as roti. They should go for more complex carbs like Sweet Potato, Daliya, Millets etc. As the young generation needs to rely more on foods that are rich in proteins and minerals rather than fats or glutens. As these foods help them get energy rather than getting stored in their body unused increasing their layer of Fat.


  1. But if we overall see rice and roti both have almost the same values on the calorific chart but they stand differently when talked about nutritional the value we get from them independently.


  1. Rotis are a good source of energy to our body in the sense that we get satisfaction after eating 2 rotis whereas eating even a bowl full of rice can leave us with hunger. So, chapattis are the actual source of satiety and complete satisfaction to the one who consumes it.



Source: HealthKart

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Be very selective and wise in whatever you eat because your body is not a dustbin. Think about the pros and cons of everything you eat for better results. Of course, in addition to the exercise, you do the diet you take holds much importance. In the end, Roti wins over rice with a great margin and definitely is a preferred food over any other including rice.

~By Anjali Duhan

(Content Writer)