Cancer, even the name horrifies us. It is a much dreaded and feared disease, but as the medical science has done a lot of progress, its treatment gives fruitful results to much extent. Also practicing regular exercises has also lead to cure this disease at faster rate. Some of the exercises for Cancer Patients are suggested in this blog. 

Cancer is nothing but the uncontrolled growth of unwanted or abnormal cells in the body. These grown cells result in accumulation forming a mass of tissue commonly called as a Tumour.

Fundamentals of Cancer


So, in addition to the medical treatments our will to fight it and also the exercises that we do helps a lot. Studies have proved that eating right and exercising can help speedy recovery as well as prevent recurrence. Some recent researches showed that a higher level of physical activity increases the life of cancer patients after diagnosis.

It has been seen that after the diagnosis patients almost dive into depression, feel finished and their body activity slows down naturally. But it is the utmost responsibility of their family and friends to keep them feel alive during the strenuous treatment procedures. Patients should keep them engrossed in something or the other to protect themselves from monotony.


Some Exercises Beneficial for Cancer Patients

  1. Exercises that include stretching should be done by cancer patients because these kinds of exercises help in retaining mobility and strength in the body which is very important when you are undergoing some treatment.


  1. Patients can do Brisk walking, jogging or sometimes swimming as well. These kinds of exercises help in reducing weight and burning calories also increasing the effectivity of the ongoing treatment.


  1. One may do some conventional training exercises like weight lifting or gyming. As some people prefer these exercises over others as a part of their hobby. This will also help in better acceptance of the treatment by the patient’s body.


  1. Also, if it becomes difficult for the patient to do these set exercises, one may include ways of more physical activity in their daily routine for regularity and relief.


  1. Whenever you are outside try to walk as much possible, avoid taking lifts.


  1. Try to take staircase instead of lifts or escalators.


  1. Try to do your work yourself instead of relying on someone else as whenever you get up to have chance to stretch your body which is very much required.


  1. Also take sufficient sleep of 7-9 hours as at this time of treatment your body needs time for repairing.


  1. When undergoing treatment for cancer you should practice balancing exercise as well because during this time bone mass is decreased significantly. Regularly exercise balance.
Every treatment is effective when the patient has a zeal to recover. So, never loose hope and stay positive throughout the treatment and recovery phase. Be watchful and aware to the sign your body gives and stay in touch with your doctors. And after diagnosis exercise regularly in addition to the treatment.

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