Health and fitness has become very important in today’s life style. Today we see more people going to gym than ever before, it is happening because of the day by day increase in awareness for health, through the media, social networking and other sources. One perfect example is the website you are on right now which promote health and fitness.

Where the number of people joining the gyms is increasing gradually, the number of people wanting to set up their home gym setup under budget, has also elevated. There can be any reason to plan a gym at home but the following reasons are often found among people when they talk about their idea of having their own home-gym.

1. Reason For Home Gym Setup under Budget

You might also plan a home gym in near future if you are thinking one of the following thoughts:

  • Cannot workout in gym when so many people are around so you want to have your Home gym setup under budget.
  • Can work-out on your own without trainer thus you think to have your own gym at home.
  • Don’t want to face various restrictions like gym dress, same old music, timing etc, which are very common these days in gyms, you wish to have your own gym and your own set of rules.
  •  Doesn’t seem hygienic in a commercial gym because everybody is sweating and the level of hygiene decreases gradually.

It might appear a little “out of track” in first glance that someone is planning his/her own gym but many people prefer this these days. It is a fact that large amount of money is spent on gym membership, personal training and other gym related things. This spent amount can be otherwise utilized to buy own assets and plan a gym easily at home.

So now You can see,

  1. Gym Membership    >      25000
  2. Personal Training     >     120000
  3. Travelling                    >       18000
  4. Miscellaneous           >       10000

         Total                             >     173000

This amount may vary according to your current gym, the distance to the gym, personal training charges and many other perspectives, this is just an example to show you how much approximately you spend on gym in an year.

2. Gym Equipment

1. Weight Training Equipment

  1. Adjustable Bench(Incline, Decline and Flat bench)
  2. 80 Kg Steel Weight
  3. 5 Ft. 28 mm barbell, EZ Barbell
  4. 4. Dumbbells
  1. Chest Exercises
  2. Bicep Exercises
  3. Back Exercises
  4. shoulder exercise
  5. Legs
  1. Adjustable squad stand
  2. Bicep Curl stand
  3. Shoulder Stand
  1. Squads
  2. Bicep Curls with Barbell
  3. Seated Barbell Overhead Press

2. Pull Exercises

  1. Lat Pull down
  2. Rowing
  3. Biceps
  4. Triceps 
  5. Chest
  1. Lat Pull down
  2. Rowing
  3. Bicep curls
  4. Triceps extension
  5. Lateral Raise
  6. crossovers
  1. Chin Up Bar
  2. Pull up Bar
  3. Abs
  1. Pull ups
  2. Chin ups
  3. Hanging Leg Raise
  1. Different weighted Resistance bands
  2. Different Grips
  3. Portable backpack
  1. Chest Exercises
  2. Bicep Exercises
  3. Back Exercises
  4. shoulder exercise
  5. Legs

3. Floor Equipment

  1. Thick Rubber Mats
  2. Floor cushion from weight
  1. Cushioning the floor from damage
  2. Helps in cushioning the body to support weight
  1. Yoga Mats
  2. Meditation Mats
  1. Chest Exercises
  2. Bicep Exercises
  3. Back Exercises
  4. Abs Exercise


If you are spending more than 1,00,000 INR every year in gym, and have troubles with gym, and want to have your own gym, go for it. It is easy if you make an effort and little survey. You need to figure out how much investment you can make and then the work will start. Buy few things initially and keep adding few every month. Soon you will have your own full-fledged gym with all the beneficial things in it and you can enjoy with your family training and keeping everyone in better shape and you will not have to spend every year on any type of membership or renewal.

Learn more to gain more and enjoy being healthy and fit by having your own gym at home.

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