Air ionization is a technique in which air is purified by electrically charged air molecule. Many other air purifier uses technique of fan and filter. But Air ionizer uses negative ions to remove particulate matters, microbes and odor from air.

Air Ionizer make air in the room healthier to breathe, especially for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related ailments. Ionizer also known as ionic filter or ion generator purifies air bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, moulds, soot, pollen, and household odours.

If you have concerned about other air filter types as well, we hope that the below guides can help you.

1. True HEPA filter.

2. Activated Carbon filter.

3. UV-C light filter.

4.Electrostatic Filters

5. Ozone Filter


Instead of using the fan to pull in the polluted air into an air filter because the standalone air ionizer uses the high voltage electricity to emit the cloud of negative ions (anions) which attracts with the positive charge particle like dust, allergens, bacteria etc. and cause the bond. Once the bond is formed, the particles become heavier than normal and therefore make the bonded particle fall on ground or become trapped on an electrostatic collection plate.

If equipped with this feature, the air ionizer plate can be washed clean and used for the life of the device therefore reduces the price of filters. Ionizers are an attractive type of air purifier for many homeowners because they don’t require costly filter changes.

When there is any technology, we have its pros and cons both at a same time. Above all let’s analyse, are air ionizers are better than any of the other air purifier or not.

Pros of Using Air Ionizer purifier:

Using air ionizer is new technology and many people get attracted toward it, also it have many advantages.

  1. No Costly Filters used:  As discussed above it do not use filter technique, instead it generates negative ions to purify air.
  2. Can remove particles which HEPA filters fails to remove: HEPA filter only filters particle whose size is greater or equal to 0.3 micron.
  3. Cheaper than other air purifier: It is much more cheaper than any other available air purifier in market.

Sizes of different particles which are purified by ionizer are given below.

ParticlesSize (micron)
Atmospheric Dust0.001 – 40
Smoke0.01 – 0.1
Tobacco Smoke4
Viruses0.005 – 0.3
Household Dust0.05-100
Table 2.1 Different Sizes of Particles Ionizer purifies
Air Ionizer
Figure 2.2 Ion generator used in Ionized Purifier

Cons of Using Ionizer Purifier:

There are some disadvantages of using ionizer as purifier.

  1. Ozone as by-product: In many surveys it has been concluded that using ionizer for longer period of time may cause to evolution of Ozone. Also it may led to severe health issues. Altogether Ozone is one of the most dangerous gas for human body.
  2. High Power Consumption: Ionizers require high amount of electricity consumption to generates negatively charged particles.
  3. Not the Best way of Purification: using ionizer as only air purification technique is not the optimal solution for purification. Many time it misses out some particle which may lead to adverse effect on human body.
  4. Doesn’t remove particles permanently: Negative ions from ionizer sticks to positive harmful particles and make them sit on ground. But This doesn’t means that particles are purified, it makes them inactive for some time. Harmful particles are still present in environment which gets active on high wind speed.

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